Produto Z

Right, and where am I gonna be? Yeah well look, Marvin, Marvin, you gotta play. See that’s where they kiss for the first time on the dance floor. And if there’s no music, they can’t dance, and if they can’t dance, they can’t kiss, and if they can’t kiss, they can’t fall in love and I’m history. So tell me, Marty, how long have you been in port? Great good, good, Lorraine, I had a feeling about you two. I’m really gonna miss you. Doc, about the future-

Look, there’s a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up. Let’s get you into a radiation suit, we must prepare to reload. Listen, this is very important, I forgot my video camera, could you stop by my place and pick it up on your way to the mall? Shut your filthy mouth, I’m not that kind of girl. Thank you, don’t forget to take a flyer.